Relationship Resolutions

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This time of year brings about talk and setting of New Year’s resolutions. Last year my suggestion was to create simple goals that are easily accomplished and achieved. Normally, I don’t even create resolutions – I’m more of a set-a-goal-whenever-you-want-to type of person – but I thought this year I might make a set of resolutions based upon a theme.


Relationships. We all have them, we’re all in them, and we all need them. In fact, humans survive and thrive on connection. So I will share my relationship resolutions with you in hopes that they might inspire you to create similar goals to enhance the connections in your lives.


My Significant Other

I resolve to continue to do the little things that are meaningful to him, and add in new ones; such as: getting up early with him even when I don’t have to, making his coffee and breakfast, giving proper and attentive hellos and goodbyes, texting him throughout the day to check in, and going to bed when he does.


My Child

I resolve to take as much delight in the things he does or is interested in as he does. That my eyes and face will light up, that I will exclaim, that I will be silly, that I will slow down, and that I will put off other things to spend 5 more minutes playing Hungry Hippos or mini hockey.


My Parents

I resolve to remember that they are now friends first, parents and aging individuals (I now like to parent) second. Instead of inviting them over for dinner as a favour to my mom to not have to cook one night I could invite them individually for coffee or a movie or other outing.


My Friends/Colleagues

I resolve to use less sarcasm. Who am I kidding…I’m not even sure that’s possible, and there’s no sense setting myself up for failure. But I can resolve to highlight their strengths and point out their positive qualities in addition to my usual witty banter.


To Strangers

My uncle’s nickname for me is Smiley. Individuals at the office where I work always comment on how friendly and smiling I am. My friends and family are laughing as they read this as they know me to be more aloof and serious. I don’t think I lost my smile but I think I tend to move so quickly through life that I sometimes forget to give it as freely as I should. I resolve to continue to smile at strangers and acquaintances and construction crews and my Starbucks baristas, etc.


My resolutions are as simple as this: If I don’t feel valued, I don’t feel loved. If I don’t feel loved, then I don’t feel secure. And we’re all the same in that way…so by making other people feel valued and loved and secure then I can meet their needs and role model how they can meet mine.




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